Hum-To-Search feature introduced by Google- Click to know more

Google Updates: Hum-To-Search It is time to bless Google. Every time you get your brain stuck with some lyrics or tune but can’t point out the name of the track, need not worry, Google got you covered. Yes, you read it correctly.

Google is introducing a new feature for the users to search for songs even when you do not know the name of the track.

If you know some of the lyrics and hum it for ten to fifteen seconds then that’s all it needs. Allow me to give you a brief explanation of what is it.

Hum-To-Search: How to use the feature?

The frustration of the stray ear-worms now ends with this amazing feature. Android and iOS users can simply hum, sing, or even whistle the tune in their microphone for about ten to fifteen seconds.

And keep a note that it is only for Google apps ( I think I am being paranoid because you guys obviously figured that much), that’s it.

How does it work?

Image Source: Men’s World India

I can bet my birthday presents (as I really cherish them) for the fact that everyone was waiting for such a feature. For using the feature you do not need to be a great singer as it can automatically process the data.

Its algorithm processes the melody we sing or hum and then gives us results most similar to what we ask for ( I think it is great). As the result, you not only get the soundtrack but also related artists, featuring video and lyrics too.

How to access the feature?

To use this feature, you just need to click on the microphone icon present in the Google app on its search toolbar. If you use Google assistant then you just need to say “Ok, Google” followed by the command. Voice commands are fun, aren’t they?

I know I should stop being so excited about it. But, what are you guys waiting for? Go on and try it now! And don’t forget to tell me in the comments about your experience. For more such updates and articles, stay tuned!

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