Oneplus 8T Launch Date, Price and Best Features in OxygenOS 11

Oneplus 8T Updates: Just a few weeks ago, One plus comes up with another mind-blowing refreshed smartphone. The Oneplus 8T, this time it will offer several benefits in its segment.

Some of the top-notch features are 65watt fast charging, latest design, and 120 Hz ultimate display. This is the first time that Oneplus to arrive with its new Oxygen OS 11. It is basically an adoption from Android 11.

Oneplus works on overall design functionality of Oxygen OS 11 just to make the own hand operation more smooth and handy.

Most of the screen content is moved to the lower portion of the screen. This making them comfortable and more easier to operate with thumb.eanshile , the remaining upper portion of the screen will mostly be empty with just minimal information. Oxygen OS 11 also has many new features and shortcuts.

The features and shortcuts will also be available for OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8 pro. But OnePlus 7 and 7T are expecting these updates till December 2020. Meanwhile, OnePlus Nord will also have them but there is no confusion about the release date till now.

Some of the best features of Oneplus 8T in its segment are mentioned below.

Always-On Ambient Display :

Oneplus smartphones have a long and ambient display feature with them. This will be very helpful in an easier glance at time and notifications. Oxygen OS 11 will have a feature of always on display. A much more convenient with many new updated click faces.

The Beast Gaming Performance and handling : 

Image Source: Cnet

Oxygen OS 11 in OnePlus 8T brings a new set for OnePlus game space. This time, it will bring up the menu-overlay within any game. By just swiping column from left corner downwards. One can toggle down the notifications and other required features.

The Zen Mode : 

This time OnePlus offers a small form of digital detox. It will just allow you to block all your calls and messages and givei g you a small break. This Zen Mode already seems to be available for other series too.

Ultimate Focus Tracking Camera : 

This new set of smartphones come with the ultimate set of cameras. Oneplus has a perticular useful feature that’s Focus Tracking camera app.

This allows us to keep the focus of the camera on the moving objects. Previously this feature was available in Google and Samsung premium series.

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