Shawn Mendes Changed His Hairstyle to Shave After Shunning His Long Hair!

Shawn Mendes has dropped his short hair as he was seen in a fashionable new look. We have seen how celebrities try to adapt a new look as if it is very natural.

Whether it is related to the outfit, the style they always carry, or the hairstyle, everything goes according to the taste but still fits them. From long hair to short hair, from adapting winter cloth to summer cloth, every vibe and fashion suits them. If we talk particularly about Hollywood then a lot of celebrities are known for it.

In recent times, it is Shawn Mendes who is right now in news related to his short hair makeover. It was recently when the singer was seen in a very fashionable outfit as he came with a new look. The 24-year-old singer is seen in Los Angeles California with shorter hair than usual.

It was just a few weeks ago when Shawn Mendes was seen with long hair but now he has decided to shave it. Coming to the fashion that the singer was carrying then he was seen in a grey cardigan with a white top and a scarf. He was also wearing baggy black pants and shoes to complete his look.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Shawn Mendes in Short Hairs.

Shawn Mendes

The singer was seen carrying a drink in one hand while taking a step out. It was not clear what was the purpose of his coming as a shaved man or for the outing. But whatever the reason it was sure that this new look totally in matching him. The singer was loving his look but it seems like fans are totally in love with his former look.

When the singer is not getting attention related to his haircut then he gets with some other way. Sometimes it is related to his fashion as he was seen making headlines related to his new white tank top. He was also seen wearing jewelry that was coming with necklaces and rings. And that time longer hair was also making headlines which were resting till his forehead.

This outing of Shawn Mendes came when he has a sparkled rumor with Dr. Miranda. They were both seen going out for lunch in July however it is not confirmed. They both were later seen in November but when it comes to Miranda then she is trying to take everything professionally and as a friend.

If we talk about his previous romance then Shawn Mendes was in a relationship for 2 years with Camila Cabello. The relationship did not last long because of some circumstances however, they had shown respect for each other.