Shawn Mendes Seen Picking Healthy Juice With Friends Amid Reunion Rumors With Camilla Cabello!

Shawn Mendes was recently seen picking up some healthy juice with his friend for a day out. There are a lot of celebrities who are now giving as back to back appearances either with their friends or with their family.

And sometimes these appearances are also all alone and that’s the reason why we also find some great fashion sense in celebrities even on the street.

Talking about all such things then many celebrities were seen on the street of their City for the past few days and here are the details related to the singer Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes finally came out stepping in with friends for some healthy juice day. The 24-year-old singer with his friends was seen at a juice bar where they were seen picking up some healthy drinks on 26 April 2024 in California.

For this outing, Shawn Mendes decided to show off his muscles as he was wearing a tank shirt while matching it with Black jeans. He was also wearing brown sleepers for the day and goggles to protect himself from Sun.

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Shawn Mendes Seen Drinking Healthy With Friends Amid Reunion Rumors With Camilla Cabello!

Shawn Mendes
Just Jared

It was not long ago when Shawn Mendes made the news related to coming back together with Camilla Cabello. The singer was seen with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Cabello after 1 and a half years of break up.

And this reunion came at a musical festival called Coachella where they were seen kissing each other and hugging.

As soon as the video got revealed among fans and people and media then people started speculating whether they are back together or not.

But according to the source they are not at all back together as they are just trying to see whether things go.

Even after the music festival appearance and kiss, they both were seen together on the street while holding hands and walking.

If we go according to the words of the source then according to the source, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are right now spending time together for sure. But it doesn’t mean that they are back together as they are still figuring out whether things will take them in this relationship.

And maybe due to the same reason, Shawn Mendes was also seen buying some flowers and fireworks just before Camilla Cabello arrived at his house.