Shawn Mendes Seen Buying Flowers For Camila Cabello As She Arrived His House!

Shawn Mendes was recently seen with flowers before Camilla Cabello arrives at his house. The life of celebrities is very unpredictable, especially in terms of their personal and professional life.

When we talk about personal life then one cannot forget about the love life they share with each other and when we talk about professional life then signing on a new project or working on it becomes the highlight.

Talking about the life of celebrities where they get surrounded by their dating life especially coming again with their ex-partner is the most focused

The same recently happened when 24-year-old singer Shawn Mendes was seen with his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello. It seems like Shawn Mendes has prepared a romantic time together over the weekend with his ex-girlfriend.

And that’s the reason why he was seen buying a bouquet full of flowers and a firework at a store in Los Angeles. After all these things, the presence of Camila Cabello was also seen at the house of Shawn Mendes.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Shawn Mendes at a flower shop buying flowers for Camilla Cabello.

Shawn Mendes

Coming to their look then Shawn Mendes was wearing a t-shirt and black pants with white sneakers. He was seen while getting inside his vehicle for the day.

While on the other hand, Camila Cabello was seen hiding under her outfit which was a dark or in a sweatshirt, coming with matching pants. Apart from it, she was also seen wearing black shoes for the day while wearing a face mask over her nose and adding sunglasses to cover her eyes.

This outing of the couple came almost one week after they both were seen kissing and hugging each other at a Music Festival, Coachella.

It seems like they are back together as a couple however, any confirmation through social media or the team has yet not arrived.

After their reunion at Music Festival after almost one and half years of their break up, a lot of sources confirmed that they are not together. But giving back-to-back appearances seems like something is cooking between these two.

Talking about the break-up then it happened in November 2021, almost 2 years after their relationship started in 2019. They were seen making many public appearances as a couple and also before coming into a relationship.

After separation, the singer Mendes was seen romanticly linked with Jocelyne Miranda while on the other hand, Camila Cabello was with a businessman name Austin Kevitch.