Shawn Mendes Shares The Biggest Lesson He Learned In 2023!

Shawn Mendes has been one of the most influential music artists for the last ten years, post his sudden rise to popularity in 2013 after his videos of song covers started trending on a famous social media platform Vine.

The Canadian singer who learned to play guitar through YouTube tutorials today has over 73 million followers on Instagram he has produced many superhit songs and the most popular ones include Senorita, Mercy, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back, Treat You Better, and Stitches.

Mendes has also worked in several television shows as well as movies and has bagged many awards and accolades, besides that he has also received three nominations for the Grammy Award and one nomination for a Brit Award.

Shawn Mendes’ Personal Life

Shawn Mendes
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Besides his successful music career, Mendes has been in media attention for his infamous relationship with fellow music artist, Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello.

They both got into a relationship in 2019 but fans didn’t like it as they both were accused of doing the stunt for publicity, Mendes openly accepted the relationship and they both shared some really good moments until 2021 when they broke up all of a sudden. As per the reports, it was Camila who wanted to get out of the relationship.

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Shawn Mendes’ Learning from 2023.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes pens a beautiful note about his learnings from 2023. Shawn has never shied away from expressing his opinions on topics like love, life, mental health, and more, he has openly talked about his struggles with mental health on several occasions, and recently he wrote an Instagram post where he shared his learnings from 2023.

The singer learned to accept and welcome the lows of life, he wrote how he deals with the feelings of anxiety and fear, and how the symphony of his harmonium helps him to ease those feelings, he also learned that we should not run to change or fix something all the time rather we should just sit and listen. That’s a lesson that will help millions of his fans to deal with their mental health issues.