Top 10 TV Shows Like Young Sheldon Season 6 Part 2

Young Sheldon Season 6 Part 2/ Episode 9 is all set to be released next year in January 2023, and here we’re with the Top…

Published: December 23rd, 2022 12:05 am | Updated: December 22, 2022 12:05 am

Young Sheldon Season 6 Part 2/ Episode 9 is all set to be released next year in January 2023, and here we’re with the Top 10 TV Shows Like the series you should give a try.

Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro created the coming-of-age period sitcom series ‘Young Sheldon’ which serves as the spin-off prequel of the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

As the title itself suggests, the prequel series follows one of the lead protagonists of TBBT- Sheldon Cooper, during his early years when the people living around him and he himself are struggling to cope with the extraordinary genius and eccentricities of the child prodigy whom we see as a grown-up, but no less peculiar physicist in the original series.

The series portrays Young Sheldon growing up in a small Texas town with his family and teachers navigating his academic career in an unusually fast space. It also depicts his family members’ own struggles with their personal and familial issues.

The voice of grown-up Sheldon (Jim Parsons) narrates the series with the voice of other lead characters of TBBT appearing occasionally as narrators.

Iain Armitage has starred in the role of young Sheldon Cooper in the series with Zoe Perry as his mother, Lance Barber as his father, Montana Jordan as big brother, Raegan Revord as twin sister, and Annie Potts as his grandmother or “Meemaw”.

The first season of the series premiered on September 25, 2017, on CBS. The first part of the sixth season was released on September 29, 2022, with Young Sheldon Season 6 Part 2/ Episode 9 will be released on January 5 of the next year.

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Following is the list of some other television series that you should watch if you enjoy ‘Young Sheldon’.

Top 10 TV Shows Like Young Sheldon Season 6 Part 2

The Big Bang Theory – Number of Seasons: 12

The Big Bang Theory
Digital Spy

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created this sitcom which is the original series of which ‘Young Sheldon’ is a spin-off.

The plot revolves around a group of academically highly successful but socially failed men- theoretical physicist Sheldon, practical physicist Leonard, engineer Howard, and astrophysicist Raj as their lives change for good when three women join their group- Penny, Amy, and Bernadette.

The series deals with all of the individuals’ own story arcs but underlying all of these is the continuous abnormalities of Sheldon and his friends’ struggle to deal with them.

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch have starred as Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette respectively. The Big Bang Theory a highly popular series has won a number of awards and ran from September 24, 2007, to May 16, 2019, on CBS.

Man With A Plan – Number of Seasons: 4

Man With A Plan

The plot of this sitcom revolves around a man named Adam Burns who finds himself before the task of parenting his three unruly children and running a business together when his wife decides to return to her career.

‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ famed Matt LeBlanc has starred as Adam Burns in the series that ran from October 24, 2016, to June 11, 2020 on CBS.

Fuller House – Number of Seasons: 5

Fuller House

This is an American sitcom the plot of which revolves around the childhood home of a recently widowed woman and the drama that happens there. Fuller House ran from February 26, 2016, to June 2, 2020, on Netflix.

Mom- Number of Seasons: 8

Entertainment Tonight

The plot of this sitcom revolves around a woman struggling to adjust to her newly sober life by avoiding alcohol with the arrival of her estranged eccentric mother in her life.

Anna Faris and Allison Janney have starred as the two leading women characters in the series that ran from September 23, 2013, to May 13, 2021, on CBS.

The Neighborhood – Number of Seasons: 5

The Neighborhood

The plot of this sitcom revolves around a family struggling to adjust to the new community where the members have relocated from their small town. The series premiered on October 1, 2018, on CBS.

The Neighborhood Season 5 was released this year on Septemeber 19th 2022.

Mr. Iglesias- Number of Seasons: 3

Mr. Iglesias
Netflix Life

The plot of this sitcom revolves around good natured history teacher trying to help the gifted misfits of his school. The series ran from June 21, 2019, to December 8, 2020, on Netflix. Mr. Iglesias Season 3 last episode was released on 8th December 2022.

United We Fall- Number of Seasons: 1

United We Fall

The plot of this sitcom revolves around two parents Jo Ryan and Bill Ryan who navigate day-to-day life by teaming up against the opposition of their family and small children. Will Sasso and Christina Vidal Mitchell have starred as Bill and Jo in the series that ran from July 15 to August 26 of 2020?

One Day at a Time- Number of Seasons: 4

One Day at a Time

The plot of this sitcom revolves around three generations of Cuban-American families navigating their lives and learning to love and laugh. The series ran from January 6, 2017, to June 16, 2020. One Day at a Time Season 4 lates episode was released on 16th June 2020.

The Big Show Show- Number of Seasons: 1

The Big Show Show
TV Insider

The plot of this American sitcom surrounds a former WWE wrestler struggling to raise his three daughters with his wife. The series ran from April 6 to December 9 of 2020 on Netflix.

Everybody Loves Raymond- Number of Seasons: 9

Everybody Loves Raymond

The plot centers around a successful sportswriter named Raymond Barone who navigates his days with a sense of humor and a bright outlook toward life. Ray Romano starred as Raymond Barone in the series that ran from September 13, 1996, to May 16, 2005, on CBS.