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The Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco Wants A Friends-Style Reunion

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Updates: Kaley Cuoco shares hope in a Friends-style reunion of The Big Bang Theory. The CBS sitcom’s star is still looking forward to the thought of reuniting with her co-stars, despite the fact that the show concluded less than two years ago.

The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007 and first tracked the lives of five friends from Pasadena, the bulk of whom were social outcasts. In its fourth season, the cast was expanded with two female character additions, Bernie and Amy, giving Penny her own girl squad.

The cast has been through ups and downs, both professionally and emotionally, over the years, but they stayed together until the sitcom’s run ended in 2019 after 12 seasons.

Despite its continued success, the show ended due to star Jim Parsons’ decision to quit, and rather than continuing without Sheldon, the cast and producers agreed it was better to end the show entirely.

Cuoco tells the press (via Metro UK) in a new interview that she would like to see the Pasadena gang reunite for a special reunion in the future, close to what the Friends cast is doing for HBO Max.

She did acknowledge that their sitcom predecessor has been on the air for even longer than The Big Bang Theory, so it might be some time before they can try anything similar. Nonetheless, she expects that if the chance arises, everyone will be eager to join.

The Big Bang Theory What Kaley Cuoco has to share?

The Big Bang Theory

Cuoco has recently opened up about her experience reporting on The Big Bang Theory and its apparent premature conclusion. According to her, she and co-star Johnny Galecki were really involved in doing season 13 and were surprised to hear that Parsons was going.

With this feeling, it’s not shocking that she’s already looking forward to returning to Apartment 4A to see what fresh shenanigans she and her friends will get up to.

She is now preoccupied with her next project, The Flight Attendant, which is also available on HBO Max. She stars in and produces the show, which has been renewed for a second season thanks to favorable reviews.

It may be a little early for a The Big Bang Theory revival at this time, but given the show’s continuing success, it may not take as long to get back the cast as it did for Mates.

In any case, the emergence of streaming and other media channels makes it possible for ventures like this to become a possibility. Now that Cuoco has decided to appear in the special, the other six major cast members must be convinced to attend.