Wednesday Season 2: Surprising Ending, and Big Monster Reveal Explained!

Wednesday was released on Netflix recently, the series and the acting of Jenna Ortega, and the rest of the cast member has made the show successful, and fans are asking for season 2. However, the ending of the series already revealed there will be Wednesday Season 2.

If you can’t stop thinking about Wednesday’s dramatic ending, you’re not alone. The twisting murder mystery takes you on a roller-coaster ride with Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) putting together decades of struggle to figure all this out.

But you’re not alone if you’ve found yourselves drowning in the mountains of information revealed in the show’s finale. So without further ado, let’s get into the evident world of Nevermore and the eye-roll-inducing hints Tim Burton dropped in the show’s debut episode.

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Wednesday Season 2: The Nevermore Academy Monster

Wednesday Season 2

Tyler Galpin, a love interest of Wednesday’s and the son of the county sheriff who works as a Barista, is revealed to be the Nevermore Academy monster. Wednesday discovers this in a vision during the seventh episode of the drama series, ‘If You Don’t Woe By Now.’

Tyler has been turning into Hyde, the deformed beast slicing through the citizens of Jericho, for some time. But, unfortunately, he loses control of his faculties and has little recall of what he accomplishes when he takes on the Hyde persona.

His Hyde form is called and controlled by Laurel Gates, played by Christina Ricci, who has been plotting her vengeance against Nevermore.

It’s unfortunate because Wednesday believed she’d finally caught the culprit of all the attacks, but they were framed. Similarly, Wednesday realizes everything while kissing Tyler, with whom she’s been becoming closer.

Tyler hadn’t shown any powers up to this point, but he wasn’t prejudiced against the kids of Nevermore Academy like many in Jericho. That, along with his troubles with his father, allowed him to blend in with any influential teenagers who walked into the café where he works.

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Major reveal 

Wednesday Season 2
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Christina Ricci is back, and this time she’s a villain. We discover in Wednesday’s finale that Ms. Thornhill (Ricci) & Tyler (Hunter Doohan) created the creature haunting Nevermore.

On the one hand, we learn that Thornhill is Laurel Gates, alias Ansel Gates’ daughter, who was thought to have drowned many years ago but was alive the entire time. On the other hand, we find that Tyler’s mother was an outcast and was the Hyde found by Faulkner 30 years ago, with her Genetics passed on to Tyler, whose hyde personality was triggered by Thornhill’s vast knowledge of botany and chemistry.

The pair, like Crackstone, have a profound hate for Nevermore and are desperate to see it through. But Thornhill is smart and realizes she can’t do it alone, so she joins the supernatural’s help to resurrect Crackstone and destroy Wednesday and Nevermore.

But, of course, we all know that their schemes are foiled, and Wednesday saves the day with her classmates’ support, Goody Addams’ spirit, and her fantastic fencing abilities. So while the climax is a constant shock fest, savvy viewers may have figured out the disclosure from the start.

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Wednesday Season 2
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Wednesday’s plot-twisting reveal is a fascinating literary nod and a gasp-worthy surprise, but many questions remain unanswered so, to answer these questions season 2 need to be there. While we can reasonably assume that the duo has been caught, we still need to learn of other key players who may have helped them.

Who is stalking Wednesday? Are any of the other Gates family members still alive? And where is Tyler’s mother? So many tangled threads and so many unanswered questions. In the words of Wednesday: “I know the wait is killing you.”