Three Pines Bestselling Detective Novels Release Date, Plot, and More

The Amazon Original scripted series Three Pines, which is an adaptation of Louise Penny’s #1 New York Times bestseller Chief Inspector Gamache series, will premiere on the 2nd of December, Prime Video announced this on the 1st of November. It will be going to release weekly.

The series Three Pines was initially announced by Amazon in the spring of 2020. In the same way that The Sidney Chambers Mysteries became Grantchester, the series at the time changed its name from being named after the eponymous investigator to the fictional French Canadian community in which he works because no one had been cast in the lead part.)

Molina’s appointment as Detective Gamache was announced in 2021, just before the show’s production got underway. It was observed that “the French-speaking detective investigates murders in his Quebec neighborhood” and that “speaking English with an English accent is one of his idiosyncrasies owing to his Cambridge schooling”

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Three Pines

Still, Life, the first novel by Gamache, was a tremendous hit and an honor. The series has already included 17 more novels, the most recent of which, A World of Curiosities from 2022, will be released this summer.

The series has already received five Agatha Awards. If the series is renewed, it would have 17 more alternatives if the eight-episode season had a marvel of the week pattern or a single mystery each season.

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The plot of Three Pines 

Three Pines

In the strange yet enchanting village of Three Pines, the plot features the kind and astute Chief Inspector Gamache as he tries to investigate a string of intriguing and perplexing murders.

Gamache can’t help but feel strangely drawn to the eccentric residents of this unusual place, including the proprietors of the bistro, Gabri (Pierre Simpson), the creatives Peter (Julian Bailey) and Clara (Anna Tierney), the counsellor turned bookshop landlord Myrna (Tamara Brown), the museum director Bea (Tantoo Cardinal), and the garrulous poet Ruth (Clare Coulter).

In addition to the murder case that is addressed across two episodes, Three Pines also weaves in a sinister serial tale that exposes police corruption at the regional  police force as well as their failure to adequately investigate incidents of missing Indigenous women. Marie-France Lambert, Marcel Jeannin, and Frank Schorpion, are included in the supporting cast.

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Star cast

Three Pines

A cast that includes Rossif Sutherland from The Handmaid’s Tale as Jean-Guy Beauvoir, Molina’s colleague in solving crimes.

Gamache’s mother is portrayed by Marie-Josée Bélanger (Adam & Abel), while his pupil, Isabelle Lacoste, is portrayed by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (Blood Quantum). Clare Coulter (The Worst Witch), Max Laferriere (Le 422), Tantoo Cardinal (Stumptown), Ali Hand (See), and Patricia Summersett (Mother!) are additional costars.

Along with principal writers Emilia di Girolamo (The Tunnel) and Sam Donovan, Molina also acts as an executive producer (Jamestown).