The Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 Will Be The Final Season, Click To Know

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 Update: There is not much time elapsed since the show makers of The Handmaid’s Tale announced its 5th season. When the question surfaced on the internet if there will be a season 6. Now the makers have confirmed season 6 even before the arrival of its 5th season. During the recent trailer launch of season 5 of the series, the makers of the show officially announced its 6th season.

The show maker and executive producer Bruce Miller stated, “it is truly a privilege to characterize the narrative of Margaret Atwood’s ground-breaking book and present the world it depicts. We are so much thrilled to announce that the viewers will have a last and final season after the 5th.”

The viewers as well as the makers are excited for the final season of this long-going series. Season 5 might not be the climax, however, it will be approaching its climax. We have no idea what the plot of the 6th season can be. But there are certain things that can help us foresee what’s coming to us.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 Will Be The Final Season?

The Handmaid's Tale Season 5

We can expect the reunion of June and Hannah probably. As they left us in tears when separated in the last season. Jane murdered Commander Waterford lately and how she will survive and save herself from such a situation.

It will be exciting for me I will be the same for all the viewers. This series will be spellbinding. How June will save herself and get away with what she had done. Also, we will see what happens after Gilead’s death. Things like how Commander Lawrence and Serena Joy proclaim their rises to power will make the upcoming series even more interesting. For this whole entertainment drama, we will have to wait for a little after season 5.

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