The Queen’s Umbrella Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details

As the end of the summer season approaches, we start to see confirmations for Netflix’s Fall schedule of k-dramas. The Queen’s Umbrella, a period drama starring Kim Hye Soo, is an extremely fascinating k-drama series that viewers may look forward to seeing.

Here’s all we know thus far about Netflix’s The Queen’s Umbrella.

Kim Hyung Shik is the director of the upcoming globally licensed South Korean historic drama show The Queen’s Umbrella.

When is The Queen’s Umbrella Netflix release date?

The Queen’s Umbrella

We’re currently waiting for Netflix to release a trailer as 2 formal teasers of the series have been already released and the very first episode of The Queen’s Umbrella will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, October 15th, 2022.

There shall be 16 episodes in all, with 2 additional episodes released every Saturday and Sunday. The season finale will take place on Sunday, December 4th, 2022.

Each episode will be around 60 minutes long.

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What is the plot of The Queen’s Umbrella?

Inside the palace, there are several troublemaking princes who are going to be transformed into true crown princes and give nothing but trouble to the royal family. Im Hwa Ryeong, their mother, is the spouse of a mighty king.

However, instead of exuding beauty and elegance, she is a scratchy, hypersensitive, and hot-tempered monarch.

She used to be more tranquil, but she changed because others kept pressing her buttons. She is a queen who occasionally loses her dignity and has been known to curse! every excuse she gets.  Every day of her life is filled with challenges, yet she endures them in order to protect her children.

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Who are the cast members of The Queen’s Umbrella?

The Queen’s Umbrella

Queen Im Hwa Ryeong played by Kim Hye Soo

Queen Dowager played by Kim Hae Sook

King Lee Ho played by Choi Won Young

Hwang Won Hyeong played by Kim Eui Sung

Prince Seong Nam played by Moon Sang Min

Prince Ui Seong played by Chani

Royal Consort Hwang played by Ok Ja Yeon

Prince Kye Seong played by Yoo Sun Ho

Prince Mu Ahn played by Yoon Sang Hyeon

Prince Bo Geom played by Kim Min Ki

Yoo Soo Gwang played by Jang Hyun Sung

Lady Go played by Woo Jeong Won

Crown Princess Min played by Han Dong Hee

Court Lady Park played by Lee So Hee

Prince Young Min played by Nam Woo Hyun

Along with Seo Yi Sook, Park Joon Myun and Seo Woo Jin

The Queen’s Umbrella will definitely be everyone’s go-to series, after the release of its trailer. We can’t wait!