Will Be See Taylor Swift in Deadpool & Wolverine!

The megastar Taylor Swift three are rumors spreading about her that she will play the role of  ” mutant Dazzler ‘ in the upcoming movie title Deadpool & Wolverine.

The rumors are being spread by her close friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is an actor who plays the Deadpool character in the movie.

Deadpool and Wolverine are two different characters and have a different franchising movie but now the two characters will be combined in one movie. Huge Jackman plays the rule of Wolverine in the X-Men movie and Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Deadpool who comes to life after death in the Deadpool.

But it is still a mystery whether Taylor Swift will join the movie or not because Taylor Swift has confirmed that she will act in the movie. 

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Will Be Seeing Taylor Swift in Deadpool & Wolverine!

Taylor Swift

On Entertainment Tonight interviewer asked the director  ( Shawn Levy ) will Taylor Swift join the movie answered he did not say whether Taylor Swift would join or not but he was surprised that people were assuming that Taylor Swift would join a cameo in the movie.

Let’s get to the character of Dazzler she is a mutant superheroine of Marvel comics. She superpower to convert sound into light and energy beams. If Taylor is going to play the role of Dazzler, it will be very fascinating to watch her and how director  Levy will bring this character to life.

Deadpool and Wolverine movie produced by Marvel Studios. The movie will be released in 2024 this July in the United States. So, mark your calendars and watch the film, and let’s get to the thrill and adventure by watching it.

However, Taylor fans and Deadpool and Wolverine will be happy to know that she is going to which will add a new dimension to the movie and more audience. Because Taylor Swift is a person whatever she people follows her.