Travis Kelce Spotted “Kissing” Taylor Swift In “Leaked Video”!

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are setting major couple goals these days, the love and romance between them is reaching new highs. Their relationship has become contagious and they want to share it with the world now.

The 34-year-old singer and her lover boy Kelce were trending across social media platforms after Taylor Swift shared a YouTube Short on Friday, while she has also official started a trend with #ForAFortnightChallenge.

Taylor gave glimpses of her life in the short starting with Travis blowing her a kiss on her cheeks while she was cooking, we then see Taylor working out, making donuts, playing with her cat, following her hobbies like sports and partying with friends on yacht.

The short was absolutely adorable, and Swift fans went crazy in the comments section showering her with love. The short has crossed 40 million views already and can easily cross the 100 million mark.

The short was 15 seconds long and featured 14 moments of her life, and y’all must be wondering why it is not longer than that, then let us explain it to you.

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Travis Kelce Kisses Taylor Swift In Viral YouTube Short!

Travis Kelce
The New York Post

Taylor recently dropped a song titled Fortnight featuring Post Malone and Fortnight in literal terms means two weeks or 14 days, and for the #ForAFortnightChallenge, one has to share 14 moments from their daily life which is why Taylor featured only 14 moments from her busy life.

The best part of Taylor’s short was the cute moment between her and Travis Kelce. The two have been going really strong since they started dating back in September last year, they are madly in love with each other and we have seen some really romantic moments between the two.

From the New Year’s kiss to their happy moments after Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl, one can easily tell that they are literally inseparable at this point.

Recently Travis also showed his passion for Taylor when he flew across the world to see her lady love at the Eras Tour in Singapore.