Riverdale Season 5: Is Veronica pregnant with Archie or Chad’s baby?

Riverdale Season 5 Updates: Veronica Lodge of Riverdale has herself embroiled in yet another love triangle, but is she expecting Archie Andrews’ or Chad Gekko’s child?
When Archie realized the town was in peril, he called on his ex-girlfriend Veronica, as well as his pals Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).
They all put their lives on wait to return to Riverdale, further straining Veronica and Chad’s relationship. When she reconnected with Archie, they quickly reverted to their former flirtationship.
Veronica requested Chad for divorce after realizing he wasn’t the one for her and began seeing Archie. Chad stated that in order for him to sign the divorce papers, he needed her to pay him one last visit in New York, which he did. He did, however, manage to swoon her and they kissed.

Riverdale Season 5: Who’s Baby Is It?

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While it was not confirmed that the two slept together, it was hinted at in the next scene when Chad was lying topless in bed. Veronica was furious at this time because she discovered he hadn’t signed the paperwork and was involved in some shady business activities under her name, making a clean divorce considerably more difficult.
Veronica and Archie have put their relationship on hold due to her hopefully soon-to-be ex-problems. husband’s Could it be that Veronica is pregnant because she appears to have slept with both Archie and Chad in a short amount of time?
Pregnancy may very well be next on the list, given that the show is now delving deeper into more mature topics like marriage, combat, PTSD, and debt. If this is the case, the ideal conclusion would be for the kid to be Archie’s because that is who she wants to be with.
However, creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has suggested that his romance with Betty isn’t quite ended yet, throwing another wrench in the works. Because he kissed Betty, Archie and Veronica split up at school. As a result, Betty and Jughead’s relationship came to an end as well.

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