Lucifer season 6: Maze & Amenadiel to Reunite.

Lucifer season 6 Updates: As we all know the popular Netflix series, Lucifer is all set to release its final season. With much speculations overall, fans are eagerly waiting, regarding how the love lives will evolve. Fans have tipped that Amenadiel played by DB Woodside and Maze played by Lesley-Ann Brandt will get together. But what will be the future of her relationship with Eve played by Inbar Lavi?
The supernatural comedy-drama series is extremely popular among the fans and the season five final shocked them all. Fans are waiting for the next season and are talking about the fate of their favorite characters, Amenadiel and Maze.
The devil-angel couple was previously together but then they were split up when they both become interested in other people. The lead, Amenadiel is currently with Linda played by Rachel Harris, and the pair are raising their half-human, half-angel baby, together.
Maze is also in a complicated dating relationship with eave since season four. but she was heartbroken when Eve went on a self-discovery to Los Angeles. Though Eve made an unexpected return in the second half of season five and rekindles their relationship.

Lucifer season 6: Fans Tip Reunion

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It will be difficult if  Maze and Amenadiel decide to get together because Amenadiel is with Linda and bringing up a child. Whereas  Maze is still trying to set back things with Eve.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Brandt left the fans in suspicion about season five, part two.
“I think [Maze], at the end of the season, she makes a decision that is the best for her, but she goes through that breakup, hurt, trying other things,” she ended.
As confirmed by her, Maze and Amenadiel would be spending a lot of time together in this season.
In between all these complications, speculations are high if Maze will stay with Eve or move on with Amenadial. It will be interesting to watch whether or not Amenadiel and Maze rekindle their relationship.  A lot of drama and surprises are in store in the upcoming season for the viewers.

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