Lucifer Season 6 Revealed How the Final Episodes Changed?

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: Fan’s wait for their series is now going to end soon. As the series is in its last season and it’s time to say goodbye to the show. Moreover, fans must be very emotional as they no longer would be able to watch their favorite Tom Ellis.

Further Tom Ellis with Lauren German teases the fans by saying that fans must be crying now for their series. Here’s a bit more about the last season of the series.

The final and 6th seasons of Lucifer would bring some sad news as the show would pack up now. Fans would surely miss their favorite characters. However, Lucifer is one of Netflix’s hit series. It always received much love and support from the fans. Just a few more days are left in the premiere and then the show would say us goodbye.

From the trailer, it is clear that the devil is now going to become the god. However, Chloe would be seen leaving her job and she decided to work as a consultant for Lucifer. Moreover, it would be interesting to watch the last and final love between the two. The finale season would bring their love story this time in a more different way.

Chloe and Lucifer are a big team

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In a recent interview Lauren German whom we know as Chloe talked about the series. She said that Chloe and Lucifer together are a team and have always supported each other as a couple. Besides any good or bad point, they always end up having the same old bond.

However, Tom Ellis, as Lucifer said that final season 6 is special in many terms. The goodbye is now needed and as an actor, they all learned a lot in their long journey. Further, he said that fans might be feeling bad now but he hopes they will at the same time also enjoy the finale.

Lucifer Season 6 has a bittersweet ending

German in her interview also said that that term bittersweet is the best end Lucifer and Chloe could get. In the end, fans would get what they want. However, earlier writers had some other ideas to make the duo more compatible but that would stretch the story to one more season.

Moreover, season 6 would have all the spice fans want from the two. We hope fans have marked September 10 and would love the upcoming Lucifer season 6.

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