Lucifer Season 6: New Villain Revealed and Powers Explained

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: The trailer of last season shows Lucifer imaging himself in the position of God. As Chloe clearly explains, it’s a big job!

Yes, you heard it right Lucifer is now coming to an end. It’s really a heartbreak for all the fans as loan expected that the series will come to an end this early. But it is the truth and also a bitter pill to swallow. Don’t feel lost if you have missed this amazing series on Netflix.

Here, is a short recap of how season 5 ended which might help you to get a good grab on the upcoming season. In season5, God (Dennis Haysbert) comes back to earth to build up again his broken relationship with his children, Lucifer(Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel( D.B. woodside). However, he gets bored of being God and wants to be with the love of his life in a different universe, so, he announces his retirement.

From there, begins the competition between Lucifer and his Evil twin, Michael( also Ellis), about who will now rule the universe in the best way. And that’s when all the drama starts. In an epic finale battle, Michael tries and manages to kill Chloe ( Lauren German).

Lucifer Season 6 Trailer

Lucifer Season 6
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Lucifer then goes up to heaven and rescues Chloe. Then he comes back with a higher status as the new God. The finale has left the fans with millions of questions in their head. The main one is what exactly season 6 going to entail? Because it can’t get here so fast.

The trailer also teases an animated episode which is making the trailer more exciting to watch again and again. The trailer even showed a lot worse or not-so-good events going on in the new God’s life, the comeback of his old enemy will surely blast to the new season.

When will season 6 be released?

A million-dollar question I guess. But yes, here is the answer. Netflix announced that Lucifer will return on September 10. So, book your seats in one corner of your home with a basket of snacks and be ready for a whole new drama.

Everyone’s favorite celestials and humans will come back for season 6, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Rachel Harris, Lesley-ann Brandt, Inbar Lahi, Aimie Garcia, and one and only Kevin Alejandro.

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