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Virgin River Season 3 Revealed Who shot Jack & Other Questions

Virgin River Season 3
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Virgin River Season 3 Updates: Netflix Virgin River’s second season ended on a heart-wrenching point as Mel played by Alexandra Breckenridge found beau Jack played by Martin Henderson down on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

The third season although confirmed that Jack had made a full recovery, but was unable to recall events of the shooting as he suffered from a short-term memory loss. Policeman Mike played by Marco Grazzini arrested Brady played by Benjamin Hollingsworth for the attempted murder, but new investigations throw the light differently.

When Brady placed the handcuffs on Brady after the police discovered the gun he quickly protested his innocence. Though the case was pretty concrete as one heading into season four, with Jack also remembering Brady was at the bar on the night he was shot.

There are a number of clues to suggest Brady was innocent and that Mike could have joined hands with Todd played by Patrick Sabongui to clear Jack off the picture.

Virgin River Season 3 Questions

Virgin River Season 3
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Following Jack and Charmaine’s split earlier in the series, it could be so that mike wanted him out of the picture. Charmaine carrying Jack’s twins was an ultimate shock to all. When Jack told this to Mike he was taken aback, because he thought they both had split up.

On seeing such a reaction, fans were clever to make up Mike to be the real father of Charmaine’s unborn twins.

While Jack is trying to be a part of the children’s lives and Mike not wanting to come clean about his betrayal, Mike can be easily held considerable for this.

So Todd’s stand in the theory is questionable unless Mike wanted Jack dead, and Todd the responsibility of a hitman. Though he is known for his lavish lifestyle, his controlling behavior of Charmaine, and the fact he works as a high-flying lawyer, he could instead be a high-profile and expensive hitman.

Todd was eager to separate Charmaine from Jack’s life but with him surviving the shooting, it’s not unforeseeable that Mike could’ve joined hands with Todd and assured him to set up a family of his own far away from Virgin River. After all, having a wife and children could only be beneficial for the high-flying lawyer image Todd is trying to carve out for himself.

Mike wanted Jack out of the picture and his survival means he needs to give up being a father himself. Charmaine’s desire to set up a family for herself and the kids, she could go along with the high-flying lawyer.

As Brady is accused of murder and Mike is caught hold of the gun and Charmaine’s desire for a loving family and children and Todd’s unlike background, there is a lot of mystery yet to evolve.

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