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Among Us Teases Next Big Update With Weird Bean Animation

Among Us

Among Us Updates: Innersloth studios have teased the next big update for the game with a weird bean animation which many people are confused and various things are coming up as possibilities for the new update. The Among Us crew is already well known for releasing updated news by posting weird posts and animations.

This time is a weird animation that seems like a bean floating in space. Despite being released in 2018, Among Us has gained popularity recently due to its simple gameplay and characters, and endless repeatable sequence of the game.

This game dominated the Steam charts for the past year and has been blowing up since. The developers have won 2 awards in The Game Awards in 2020, winning Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer as well.

It was at this award show that the developers announced the next big update about the brand new map, Airship, and the player base once again rose after its release in March 2021. A Twitter post was made on the official Twitter handle about the next big update which was just an animation of a bean floating in space.

The crew has been photoshopping a ton of pictures as well to tease the next big update. This game also has one of the largest meme bases as well. The official tweet can be seen on the official Twitter handle of Among Us.

Among Us: Bean Animation

Among Us

this adorable little bean has made its way onto Twitter to take the platform by storm. The replies in this Tweet are already overflowing with Photoshops starring this cute new crewmate, from Xbox pasting it over The Child to GlobalGameJam’s photo of Jeff Bezos holding it in his hand.

Currently, there is no information about the “cool stuff” coming in the next big update or whether Spacebean is a hint at a part of it, but more details should be coming soon.

Innersloth Studios continue to top the charts on Steam as well on other platforms as well. They are still on their way to glory. Let us know what you think about this and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.