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Among Us PlayStation Listing Provides Possible Release Date

Among Us

Among Us Updates: A PlayStation database list suggests a probable launch date for Among Us on PlayStation consoles after lovers spent months awaiting the information.

A PlayStation list has at final given a probable launch date for Among Us at the PS4 and PS5. A PlayStation port of Among Us was discovered in the course of Sony’s State of Play showcase, however, there hadn’t been a clue for its launch date this year till now.

Ever because of the fulfillment of Among Us in 2020, the sport has been getting ported to extra consoles during the last yr. The sport launched at the Nintendo Switch overdue 2020 and proved to be extraordinarily a hit in sales.

Among Us changed into additionally introduced to launch on Xbox consoles for 2021, however, the launch date for Xbox is likewise unknown at the time of writing. While Among Us has launched for Xbox Game Pass on PC, remains has but to launch for Xbox consoles in addition to Xbox Game Pass on consoles.

But for PlayStation, there’s now a probable lead as to whilst Among Us will launch for each console. PlayStation Game Size claims that consistent with the sport’s ad withinside the PlayStation database the launch date for each PS4 and PS5 is August thirty first, 2021.

However, the account additionally notes that this date might be a placeholder in lieu of an extra unique launch date so as to be furnished later. But for now, that is the principal lead that PlayStation lovers have for a launch date for the sport.

Among Us Possible Release Date

Among Us
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Among Us has obtained numerous most important updates over a previous couple of months and is on course to get hold of extra content material withinside the close to future. Last month noticed the addition of 15 participant lobbies in addition to the capacity to have 3 Impostors in a single sport.

This month’s replacement loss on July seventh will upload a brand new vent cleansing venture which can probably boot out Imposters from vents. Beyond this subsequent replacement, different plans withinside the roadmap for consist of a disguise and searching for mode and a 5th map.

While it is but to be visible if this launch date is credible or now no longer if this window is true, it might not be an excessive amount of longer earlier than releases on PlayStation consoles.

Even if the August thirty-first date seems to be a placeholder, it’d nonetheless suggest a launch window for now no longer simply the PlayStation model, however additionally the Xbox model.

Seeing how there are presently no different launch dates to paintings off of, it is viable that should launch on all of these consoles across an equal time frame. Until similar affirmation is given, lovers will wait till August to discover for certain if will launch on PlayStation in the course of that month.