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Among Us Developers Share Concept Behind Imposter’s Kill Animation

Among Us

Among Us Updates: Among Us developers, recently took to Twitter to share a look at the original concept behind the Imposter’s brutal way of killing.

Innersloth, the developer of the Indie game Among Us, recently revealed an old animation concept for a brutal kill in the game. Among us is full of tense moments that are punctuated by sudden violent murder sprees. The murders are done by different kill animations to keep things fresh for players.

Among Us took everyone by storm last year during the pandemic. Having recently reached 15 million downloads on the Epic Games Store during a giveaway, the game is at a new high. What makes the game so impressive is the fact that its development team, Innersloth, only consists of four people.

Innersloth has been keeping up with the success by introducing new updates in the game constantly like new maps and cosmetic items. The game was first released on mobile but was later introduced on Nintendo Switch in December 2020.

A collector’s edition featuring an Imposter crewmate plushie will be releasing on additional consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Among Us Imposter’s Kill Animation

Among Us

Innersloth recently revealed on their Twitter page an old concept animation for a brutal Among Us kill. They posted a side-by-side animation of the concept and the actual skill in a game. The simplistic pencil-drawn animation concept sees an Imposter constantly stabbing a crewmate in the back before letting them drop dead on the ground.

The pencil-drawn concept and the final in-game version are very similar. However, one difference is that in the final version the imposter leaves his knife in the crewmate’s back, adding an extra bit of gore and realism.

On one hand, Innersloth is reminiscing the past by sharing original animation concepts and on the other hand, they are introducing new updates and pushing forward into the future of the game. In a new update for the game, a new task of cleaning the vents has been added to the list of tasks for the crewmates.

This new update will provide an extra layer of strategy. Imposters use the vents to quickly travel from one room to the other, and it was previously impossible for the crewmates to stop them. However, now with the new task crewmates can catch Imposters in the act.

Among Us has proved to be an immense success. Gamers are so taken with this suspicious sci-fi game as it brings out the inner sleuth or the murderous spy in you. This early animation concept shows how much of the developer’s original ideas made it into the game. The four-person development team needs to be applauded for their dedication and creativity.