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Among Us Candy Showing Up In Stores Is Pretty Sus

Among Us

Among Us Updates: A Reddit user found Among Us-themed candy at a candy store, but it doesn’t seem legitimate. The candy is obviously not an official product of the company Innersloth Studios. Nobody knows if the developer actually knows about the candy been sold illegally.

The candy only makes it humorous rather than offensive. People are actually loving it on Reddit and many have also asked the user to buy and try some of them and give his reviews.

When a property becomes popular as Among Us, ripoffs and imitations are common. This should not be confused with fanart, which is marketed as such and sold by independent artists. The ripoffs are to just fool customers and make money without the developer or the parent company having any clue of its presence online or in stores.

However, if the scam is running online for a long time, they are discovered by fans and are immediately hugely mocked by the people of the internet. Such is the case for the candy posted by the Reddit user who never thought he might get as famous as this by sharing an Among Us mock-off at his nearby store.

Among Us: Candy Stores

Among Us

The photo shows multiple white candies with a blue crewmate printed on top. It appears to be a taffy candy. The price is cut off in the picture but it shows that each bad weighs about 45 grams. If we look at the picture to the left of these candies, we can see a picture pokeballs printed on the candies.

Although collaborations aren’t anything new to the candy industry, selling them without the consent of the companies is illegal. Nintendo released a Mario-themed breakfast cereal with Kellogg’s to promote Super Mario Odyssey.

Even Among us was very close to sign a potential partnership with a Korean bakery chain earlier this year. However, the legality of these candies is sketchy. The taste, texture, and even the price are suspicious.

It is hard to blame them as Among us as a title is blowing off in the gaming industry and independent industries are trying their best to milk off an amazing product like these. We never know when InnerSloth studios might offer them a partnership.