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Will Resident Evil village owners get Re: Verse for free? 

Resident Evil village

Although Resident Evil Village has sold more than 4.5 million units since May, the original release date is closer to the game’s Resident Evil Re: Verse has been postponed again in 2022, which makes some people wonder whether Capcom plans to provide it for free. Resident Evil Village has changed hands.

Resident Evil Re: Verse is a brand new multiplayer game mode that allows players to use classic Resident Evil characters such as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield to fight each other in a 5-minute deadly battle.

When the player dies, they will become a line of biological weapons like Nemesis. Or use Jack Baker to fight other players. The winner is the person with the highest score at the end of the game, which distinguishes it from the cooperative game Resident Evil Resistance released with the 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake.

Re: Vers has encountered some obstacles. Initially, it should be released for free with Resident Evil 8 in May. The release of the game was postponed one month before the release and was finally postponed to July 2021. Capcom provides the Re: Verse beta test. In April, it was eventually banned due to matching issues.

Will Resident Evil village owners get Re: Verse for free? 

Resident Evil village

In a tweet on the official Resident Evil account, Capcom announced that the July 2021 release of Re: Verse has been postponed to 2022. This decision was made so that “the team can continue to work hard to improve the gameplay… Although Capcom continues to say that more details about the release will be announced later, the company is informing players that the multiplayer game will not be released when it is finally released. Need to purchase.

In a follow-up tweet, Capcom suggested that users who purchased the physical version of Resident Evil Village pay close attention to their “Resident Evil: Re: Verse” download code until the game is launched in 2022. In their preferred account Code so that they can play when you start. Players of the digital version of Resident Evil Village should already have Re: Verse in their library, and they only need to download the game after the official release.

Capcom Keep Resident Evil : Re: It is certainly a smart move to introduce yourself as free at this point because it can arouse more interest, although there are differences in opinions on the Beta event multiplayer game of Re: Verse in April.

The game will have enough content to justify any costs that remain to be seen, although, given the number of copies of Resident Evil Village sold, this already has the potential for a huge active player base. What players will expect is unclear. The fans will have to wait until next year to determine.

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