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Resident Evil 8 Inventory System Combines

Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Update: Capcom’s Resident Evil: Villageshowcase was on display today and provided tons of information, including how the game’s asset plan would work. Asset management has always been the most important thing to know about the subject of Resident Evil, and it looks like the City will be interested in how it operates.

One thing that will almost certainly remain unchanged, however, is the trademark practice of providing the player with enough ammunition and equipment to deal with threats, but there has never been an unexpected boss who will not threaten life.

Resident Evil 8: Update

Resident Evil 8


In the first Resident Evil, released 25 years ago, the inventory system was even less forgiving than it is today. Back then, players could control Jill Valentine, who had eight counters, or Chris Redfield, who had six. Because of this, Chris was actually the Hard Mode of the game, as Jill also started her campaign with a lockpick.

The following entries in the series loosen this slightly, adding to the power of dumping items on the trip and trading items with the people you work with. However, Resident Evil VII has been the first major theme since Resident Evil 5 did not include a partner, which means players had to recall especially how much they owned.

In the Village Show, now viewed on YouTube, producer Peter Fabiano explains that the game’s collection takes references to Resident Evil 4 and integrates it with VII.

In the gameplay shown, fans will quickly see the make-up; the 9th to 6th grid represents the list of players, while the items that players want to include appearances in the right-hand grid.

The grid can also be expanded as the game progresses, as the sign indicates the gun taking 12 of the 45 available. From VII, players can purchase, customize, or upgrade items from The Duke, a retailer who also appears to be returning from RE4.

The game will also have a building element that may be an extension of what the series has seen before. While the players have been able to make remedies and ammunition in previous games, Fabiano specifically mentions that Capcom has added art to the creative process.

Combined with the wide range of options that appear to be available at Duke’s store, there’s a strong possibility that Village could be the first Resident Evil theme that allows players to make their own weapons.

With the Village and Resident Evil media outlet intending to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, it’s no surprise that Capcom is incorporating elements that have made previous Resident Evil games a success.

In this case, the asset management system is tedious in Resident Evil 4, and Chris Redfield’s involvement clearly shows that the game will focus heavily on the Resident Evil news line that was more than VII. There is no doubt that there will be many references and connections to previous entries in the full game, which will be released on May 7 this year.

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