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Animal Crossing Before & After Photos Show Pier Design Transformation

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Updates: Hold on to your hats ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) fans because we have got a pier transformation for you that will blow your socks off! The uber-talented gamer ‘u/Pookie_ACNL’ has given us an incredible example of what one’s dream pier can look like.

For the uninitiated, Animal Crossing has been a part of the Nintendo family for almost 20 odd years now, and recently it has just exploded since the release of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’.

The game just dropped at the perfect time making it the beloved activity of many since the lockdown began all the way from kids to celebrities alike. The beauty of it is that it grants you the freedom to create your own dream island and live a substitute life on a said charming island populated by tenderly strange animals.

You fish, live in the wild, water the plants and flowers, plant organic product trees, and amass adorable things with which to finish your home and set up the island as you see fit.

Animal Crossing: Before & After Photos

Animal Crossing
MIT Technology Review

Players have assembled everything from incredible mansions to haunted houses to little food stalls frequented by many and honestly the sky is the limit so let your imagination run free and see the wonders.

If I were to summarize the entire game, it is an all-access nothing-barred ticket to create your own little island and decorate it to suit your vision. The game is almost like a stressbuster where you escape the real world and be at peace.

Coming back to the topic at hand, all the players have a pier on their island and most of the players just use it as a spot to carry out fishing and other such activities. The player mentioned above had shared with us a before and after picture of his pier saying that it was cute before but still needed an upgrade.

The pier before even though beautiful looked quite basic but the makeover brought in an acute and warm personality to the pier made cozy with teddy bears and plush pillows. Notorious for being a handful to decorate, the pier can be transformed by many as they now have a beautiful reference to base their pier on.

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