Resident Evil Village: Mia Isn’t In Biohazard Or RE8 At All (Theory)

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates: The tale of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia is continuing in the resident Evil Village. After a span of three years, Ethan and Mia have started living in Eastern Europe with their baby Rosemary.

In the game’s initial moments, Chris Redfield opens fire on the couple during dinner. He murders Mia in front of Ethan. As a result, Ethan is knocked out, and he awakens later to find Rosemary kidnapped, setting him on a quest to rescue his daughter and lead into the events of the game.

After a while, it is disclosed that it wasn’t actually Mia that Chris had shot in resident evil village’s Nitro, it was Mother Miranda instead in disguise, attempting to steal Rosemary in order to revive her own daughter Eva.

Unfortunately, the real Mia gets imprisoned, being experimented on by Miranda in order to learn more and more about the fungus from Resident Evil 7. According to the timeline, Miranda was impersonating Mia for approximately eight days, and Ethan didn’t notice anything.

Resident Evil Village: All About Mia

Resident Evil Village

As you move forward in the game, Ethan may not be the only character who has a wrong idea about Mia’s identity. Clues in both Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village show a disparity in Mia’s appearance, specifically her eyes, that hints players have never actually met the real Mia.

In Resident Evil 7, Mia is depicted in a different way. From the video messages to Ethan warning him away from the boat to being found in the Baker Farm Cell to being possessed by Eveline, her eyes look brown. Though when players examine Mia’s cell in the Baker Farm, they interestingly find a doll that resembles Mia. It has blue eyes.

One of the most plausible theories is that the real Mia may have died on the Annabelle with the rest of her crew while creating the e-type bioweapon. Eveline afterward, assumes Mia’s identity for the Resident Evil story as players experience it.

Another thought is that Mia is a stolen identity, plain and simple. The original Mia had blue eyes, but the brown-eyed Mia that we see in resident Evil stole her identity as a means of escaping the old life. This theory can also explain why Ethan could not notice that his wife’s eyes had drastically changed color.