Resident Evil Village: What Powers Does Rose Have?

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates: The story that resident Evil Village follows is basically the story of Ethan Winters. He tries hard to save his daughter from the evil Mother Miranda and the mutated children of hers. As we move forward in the game, Rose has to go through a lot of hardships. This leaves this young infant in real danger.

However, miracles happen in the course of the game. Nobody expected these things to happen. Rose does go through a lot of traumatic reasons, but she miraculously survives all the obstacles and so is rescued by her father and Chris Redfield. In the end, it is revealed that it was Rose who walked away with some mysterious powers for her troubles.

These things have been quite common in a game like Resident Evil Village. Some characters involved have always had some out-of-the-box characteristics.

The Four Lords, for example, all do have their own distinct powers after Mother Miranda uses the Cadou parasite and the Megamycete in order to transform them into potential vessels for her deceased daughter named Eva.

Another evil lady Dumitrescu has the unique ability to elongate her fingers into weird razors and can also take a monstrous form. Her daughters are made up of insects that can disperse and this allows them to quickly teleport around the castle.

Resident Evil Village Rose’s Power

Resident Evil Village

Ethan and Mia do have a connection with Megamycete, and so the fact that Rose has mysterious power is obviously not a surprise. At one time, Mia was at the mercy of Eveline in Resident Evil 7.

She was badly infected with the mold that allowed Eveline to totally control her and the Baker family. Ethan’s condition is a bit worse. A twist in the game at the end reveals that Ethan’s body had fused with the Mold after he was brutally murdered by Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7.

If we think about the powers that Rose may possess, there are many that may be present, as she has inherited many of the same abilities that were also found in Eveline.

There could be some Supernatural healing abilities since both Ethan and Mia display similar qualities due to the connection with the mold. She can also have the power of using the mold to infect and control people around her.