Battlefield 6 Teases Near-Future Story With Cryptic Message

Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 Updates: A cryptic message pokes fun at the near-future story of Battlefield 6 as the war takes center stage in a scary broadcast that EA distributes to influencers.

While players are waiting for the Battlefield 6 trailer to be revealed, the leak has destroyed the best marketing plan of EA and developer DICE. Regardless of the settings and game story, things in the battlefield world seem to be terrible.

Towards the end of May, a major leak made the “Battlefield 6” trailer online for everyone (but a shortened version, roughly from the screenshot). According to reports, the leaked trailer is the subject that EA may want to release on June 9.

It is the confirmed leak date for the next entry of the popular FPS franchise. However, some people believe that the trailer for Battlefield 6 is now being adjusted to keep fans busy.

As well as large-scale digital sales at the digital store and Battlefield 4 is being given away to Amazon’s main subscribers for free. EA also started putting pressure on its official Battlefield 6 marketing efforts in other ways.

Battlefield 6 Trailer

Battlefield 6
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In a tweet from JackFrags, the video game character stated that he received an “incoming broadcast” from the official Twitter account of Battlefield, which appeared in the form of a mysterious message.

Although most of the text in the picture was “edited”, the rest was quickly restored by online detectives provided by Youtuber MrProWestie. The full post says:

“Some of you want to go home. This is the most instinct of mankind. I must tell you the truth with a heavy heart. You have no home to go back. The question we must ask ourselves now is: Do we accept our destiny? Or do we dare to fight for a better world? If you can shoot, if you can heal wounds, if you can cause harm, and those can’t, we need you. War is the only way home. “

This message seems to clearly illustrate the near future of “Battlefield 6”. As the leak suggests, there is evidence that a full-scale war broke out due to weather disasters. Weather events like tornadoes emerged from the trailer, provided There is convincing evidence for this effect.

This is also unknown, but since the message called soldiers, it is easy to assume that the threat is huge. However, until EA or DICE confirms it, the entire post is likely to be considered speculation. There may be a mysterious message in the official announcement of the game, if not earlier.