Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Version Will Support Ray Tracing

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: Lead developers of Horizon Forbidden West have confirmed that the title will support ray tracing technology on the PlayStation 5 version.

The information comes a week after Sony and Guerilla Games hosted gameplay reveal during the State of Play all about Forbidden West.

The video that showed up in the State of Play broadcast was 14 min long, and it provided viewers with a much closer look into the updated combat and traversal mechanics of the franchise.

Melee combat especially received a major overhaul between the games. Game Director Mathijs de Jonge disclosed that the sequel will feature melee combos.

Not only that but Forbidden West is almost confirmed to feature free-climbing, a new skill that would help Aloy scale countless cliffs and mountaintops throughout her new adventure.

The game director teased that Guerilla is using ray tracing technology for the sound engine, rendering, and physics. He couldn’t divulge specifics, possibly due to a lack of technical expertise.

Horizon Forbidden West De Jonge was noted saying:

Horizon Forbidden West

“We use ray tracing technology for a lot of things in the game. Initially, Guerilla developers said that the anticipated title will run well on both the PS4 and PS5.

Though it seems that the newest PlayStation console would represent the best place to experience these new features and adventures. Ray tracing counts for only half of the equation.

We’ll get to know about all the features clearly as soon as the game launches for the players. In another interview, De Jonge revealed Horizon Forbidden West will also support two graphic modes on PS5 hardware – Performance and Quality.

Both modes would be targeted towards different experiences. The Performance option will target 60fps gameplay, while the Quality Mode will aim to achieve 4K visuals running at 30fps.

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