How Horizon Forbidden West Will be Different on PS5 and PS4

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: Guerrilla Game is making two versions of the cross-gen Horizon Forbidden West, ensuring that it will run on both of Sony’s console machines.

PlayStation fans are in a state of mixed feelings, with recent news of God of War is officially delayed, the announcement that it and Grand Turismo 7 will actually be a cross-generation title and long-awaited gameplay showcase for Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlike the other two PlayStation exclusives, it was made clear upon the announcement that Horizon Forbidden West will be a cross-gen title, launching on the PS5, but also not leaving those who still are on PS4.

Its surely a good business strategy on part of Sony, giving out the early adopters of new hardware a more improved build of the game while also ensuring the massive player base of PS4 is still kept in mind and given an opportunity to experience the new titles.

Some of the PlayStation owners may be concerned that the PS4 version is holding back Horizon Forbidden West in some ways, while this may be true in some sense as Guerrilla Game developers ensured in an interview that the PS5 version is set to be more extravagant and more visually impressive, while also making sure PS4 performs equally enough when the Horizon Forbidden West releases is said to be among top priorities for the developers.

Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4

Horizon Forbidden West

One of the major topics covered in a gameplay showcase for Forbidden West by the game director Mathijis de Jonge and narrative director Benjamin McCaw was how their new games would utilize the new hardware of the PS5 despite the game being a cross-gen title.

One of the major new features in Horizon Forbidden West is the inclusion of underwater traversal. The developers emphasized that while the visual aspects will be much more emphasized on the PS5 than that of the PS4 version, the water especially will have notable differences.

The Forbidden West’s beautiful water sections will have much more detailed rendering, and the waves on the surface will be more sophisticated on the PS5. Lighting will also be a big difference between the two platforms. On PS5 the improved lighting is used throughout the game, which enhances the game to the finest of details.

Along with the realistic visuals, the PS5 also has added benefit of DualSense and 3D Audio support. Guerilla claims that adaptive triggers especially will help weapons to be more uniquely tactile.

The PS5’s 3D Audio will help players to have access to more enhanced and more precise audio cues. However the Playstation 5 version of Forbidden West sounds more impressive, the Guerrilla developers have made a point that playtesting is under development and simultaneously the PS4version is also under development.

Guerrilla Games though have made claims that playing the game on old hardware will still be a wholesome experience for the players.