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Battlefield 6 Leaker Gets Players Excited With New Teases

Battlefield 6
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Battlefield 6 Updates: Battlefield 6 leaker Tom Henderson keeps teasing this year’s new Battlefield sport in advance of its anticipated screen subsequent month.

So far, EA and DICE haven’t said a good buy about the game in nearly a year, and this won’t extrude until the reveal. However, withinside the meantime, Henderson has had a ton to say about the current shooter, all of this is unofficial, but making the rounds given Hendersons reputation and reliability.

Over on Twitter, Henderson teased that there’s a robotic “dog” in the sport this is similar to the Boston Dynamics Mule and that runs clearly rapid and can be set up with a weapon.

On the ground level, this looks as if the latest gadget, but regular with Henderson, it appears to simply be a car type. In addition to this, Henderson continued to tease the video video games reveal trailer.

Battlefield 6 Leaks

Battlefield 6
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A few days ago, Henderson began teasing the video video games reveal trailer with a cartoon showing off a big island. Now he’s found this up with each different cartoon.

According to Henderson, the reveal trailer may be one minute and 35 seconds of footage, but, it could be a bit longer as quickly because the rating and more add-ons are introduced to the trailer.

Unfortunately, this is more or lots much less in which the surrender of the scoop, and of course, what’s proper right here should be worried approximately a grain of salt.

EA isn’t going to comment on any of this, and it’s critical to take into account the whole lot proper right here is unofficial and an assignment to extrude.

Battlefield 6is anticipated to release this tour season via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The scene in the attic could are cut out entirely, but if it had, it would’ve undermined Drake’s desire for another adventure while simultaneously robbing players of an opportunity to experience the simplest part of the whole game.