Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaks So Bad Reveal Will Probably Use a New One

Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 Updates: The Battlefield 6 reveal trailer leaked recently. It seems that many of the leaks that came were true. However, some sources have revealed that this trailer that got leaked won’t be the actual one.

Whatever be the case, this trailer has given details about some near-future settings and many other features that have been popping up since early 2021.

In May, it was highly rumored that the Battlefield 6 reveal would take place. Fans were also highly anticipated for the reveal. EA though has now confirmed that the reveal would happen in June only. The company, for the past several months, has been hyping up this game heavily, with various cryptic teasers and hints. And this is why the eagerness among users has become manifold.

The last iteration, Battlefield V, by no means was a success. And now the publisher wants to make the 6th iteration a hit. The overall engagement and the hype that has grown over the years for this new title has thrown a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the publishers and the developers.

Battlefield 6 Trailer

Battlefield 6

Recently, some Battlefield 6 screenshots leaked. You can see tornadoes and the futuristic setting that has been designed this time. The leaked trailer, which came via IdleSloth, confirmed the authenticity of the previous leaks and made it clear that this is going to be the biggest Battlefield to feature to date. It may also be one of the biggest shooters ever made in terms of the scale of it.

Not only that but the game is also rumored to feature 128 players and many new levels of destruction and chaos. But for further clarity, fans would obviously have to wait for the official reveal of the game by EA Play in June.

However, Leaker Tom Henderson said that this might not be the exact trailer that fans would get to see from EA.

That said, this time, the scope of Battlefield 6 looks really huge, and surely there might be many more features coming that improve the gameplay.

Battlefield 6 is also tipped to have a new battle royale mode. The game would likely make use of both current-gen and last-gen hardware when it launches.

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