Horizon Forbidden West: PS5 Version Will Support Ray Tracing

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: It has been a long time since fans are waiting for Horizon Forbidden West. And it is turning out to be a real masterpiece of a game. There was a gameplay demo that came, which clearly shows how well the developers at Guerilla Games have utilized the power of the PlayStation 5.

The teaser has shown up some unreal animations. They are so amazing, you will find it hard to believe that its just a game. The 15-min video of the gameplay of this game has shown some of the amazing beauty of the forgotten lands of San Francisco. The rich greens, the beautiful blues of the water, its just out of the world.

Horizontal Forbidden West was revealed last year. It was revealed in the big event where Sony revealed the PlayStation 5.

The people at Sony and Guerilla have been working hard to make this game a never-before experience. And to showcase the amazing animations and excellent gameplay, Guerilla has prepared an extensive demo of the game to give players an idea of the new game.

This teaser has been loved by so many fans, that the interest has only become manifold. They would be delighted with the fact that their wait has been quite fruitful.

Horizon Forbidden West Teaser

Horizon Forbidden West

The gameplay is gorgeous. Incredible graphics, and particularly the water graphics. The fishes present inside the water, are extremely detailed and a treat to watch.

The rest of the game looks to have gotten a big upgrade as well. The combat, movement and the overall quality and experience has become better. It would not be wrong to say that the players would enjoy the game a lot.

This pre-look of this game has filled all the players with joy. With the power the PS5 possesses, it would really be an unrivalled experience.

Though there have been no statements by the developers on the release date, Guerilla did inform its players through a tweet. They informed that all the work is back on track, and that fans could expect the game to go live soon.

Whether it would release in this year or not, it is not clear. Though Sony did say that they aim at bringing this game in the second half of 2021. We’ll have to wait and see how it all goes.