Horizon Forbidden West Dev Says It Looks Good On PS4, Better On PS5

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: Horizon Forbidden West PS4 will look great, just look forward to the graphics improvements in the PS5 version. According to a recent developer interview with GameInformer, most of the development and testing of Horizon Forbidden West are done on PS4, but the visual difference will be obvious on PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West game director Mathijs de Jonge and story director Benjamin McCaw discussed Aloy’s new skills and the development process of guerrilla games with Game Informer.

“Made for PlayStation 4,” de Jonge said, “We make sure that the owner of this console has a great gaming experience, and that the game looks great on this console.”

However, PS5 and its high-performance graphics cards will prevail. “With PlayStation 5, we can certainly go further optically. We can add more details. Graphically, underwater rendering technology is very special for PlayStation 5.

It contains more detailed information and systems; the wave technology used by the system is also better,” explained Mathijs de Jonge. “Aloy’s lighting on PlayStation 5 has clearer clarity.

We used special movie lighting settings that were only used for cutscenes on PlayStation 4. We have more processing power in these scenarios, but we have a lot of PlayStation 5 processing power, so we can always have this lighting platform.”

Horizon Forbidden West PS5

Horizon Forbidden West

The rest of the interview described Aloy’s new abilities, including Valor Surges, which gave her a powerful stage power in the latest version of PlayStation State of Play.

There are different types of bravery upgrades that can be unlocked based on the skill tree, and you’ve completely redesigned Aloy’s skill tree through the game play style, and also support “multiple different game styles” based on Mathijs de Jong.

We also know that Horizon Forbidden West is beyond the new location and may point to the original game location in Colorado.

Narrative director Ben McCaw joked in an interview with Gamesradar, that “most of the game takes place in the Forbidden West. Of course, it looks like a small part of the sequel will happen elsewhere, won’t it?