Fallout 76 Update Fixes Combat, C.A.M.P. Problems

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Updates Fallout 76 got a new update this week from Bethesda to address some of the issues players have faced regarding the different system like combat, C.A.M.P, setups, and more.

The update’s patch notes contain a number of fixes and other improvements for the game, but there aren’t any huge new features. In order to have a clue on what you should be expecting from the games recent update you will have to head out to play the Brotherhood of Steel content which was added recently.

The major sections of the Fallout 76 patch notes contains updates on “Bug fixes and improvements”, so that tells you not to expect major changes from this patch since there have been no sign of game-breaking bugs making rounds on internet.

Still, the changes are notable if you have experienced problems in different areas of the game, so they are worth looking over to see any of those issues have been fixed.

Art & Graphics: Apparel, the  Brotherhood of Steel Infantry Uniform no longer clips. The Pip-Boy Light now shines in correct direction while wearing the Tactical Ops Mask.

Fallout 76

The Yukon Five logo now displays correctly on Commissioner Chaos Power Armour Torso, Arm and hip plates now animate correctly while entering Warhead Power Armour.

Fallout 76 C.A.M.P & Workshop

Floor Decor now has slightly increased crafting requirements for Area Rugs, Crafting will now require 3 Cloth and 2 Rubber.

Generators, The down plane generator can now be built by players who own it after learning the Large Generator Plan or the Windmill Generator Plan, instead of the previous just Windmill Generator option.

The Structures no long have the option of “Repair All Structures”.

Combat: VATS, successful VATS attacks now correctly deal damage to other players during Player V Player combat setting.

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