Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Is Still Undecided, Says Developer

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: The new gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West quickly made headlines. It was even the headliner of the latest PlayStation State of Play. Sony too disclosed a lot of things.

The company pulled back the curtain on Horizon Forbidden West, showcasing all sorts of gorgeous gameplay from the upcoming PS4 and PS5 title. Alloy’s new journey was also detailed, and she would now move to the remains of California.

Though there has been no confirmation or announcement regarding when would it be released. Sony gave fans a surprise reveal of the Horizon Forbidden West. It took place during the PlayStation 5 reveal event.

And this really excited the fans out there. A hype got created around the console’s first-year lineup. For those who don’t know, this action game made a name for it when it was launched on PS4 back in 2017.

This game put Guerilla Studios on the map for many gamers. People were always waiting for new games from this developer and were thrilled with each of their new titles.

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

Horizon Forbidden West

Guerilla was widely known for making the very popular Killzone series. But after they launched the Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation, they earned themselves a spot among some of the top first-party developers for PlayStation. It was really a huge milestone for the company.

And now, Guerilla is about to release a sequel of the game for the fans. The players are excited as hell for this new game. During the State of Play event, the company revealed a 14-min video of the marvelous gameplay.

As we said that there are still no release dates, but Guerilla has assured that the development of the highly-anticipated title is back on track. Some sources say that the game might go live in the second half of 2021.

Forbidden West is tipped to be a multi-platform title that would test the power of the PS4 and would run without any trouble on the rather beefy PS5.

Looks like the company would be talking more about the Horizon Forbidden West throughout the year even if it isn’t meant to be released in 2021. The hype would only help increase the sales of the title. Though it remains to be seen whether Sony will have any other events during the summer or not.