GTA Online Makes Casino Drinks Free To Celebrate New Stunt Race Additions

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: To celebrate the addition of the new game, Grand Theft Auto Online temporarily provides all casino drinks for free. Rockstar Games did a similar thing last week, adding eight new stuntmen to the GTA online mode, and they paid three times the amount of money and RP earned.

Rockstar’s weekly announcements and offers kept the game relevant for seven years, and it was finally released on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 later that year.

By then, Xbox One and PS4 players can enjoy a lot of benefits, from discounted warehouses and VIP offices to free clothing and improving spending on certain tasks. Since Rockstar started distributing these offers, GTA online players have seized this opportunity and can now enjoy the latest discounts and surcharges.

The latest Rockstar news posts include various discounts, bonuses, and gifts. By next week, “all the long white horses created by Rockstar will pay three times the GTA game currency and prestige value”, while special goods sales and trade wars will pay double the cash and prestige value.

GTA Online New Stunt Race Additions

GTA Online

Players who sign up for GTA Online this week will also get free navy striped pajamas and tuxedos. Of course, there is no better way to celebrate than visiting the Diamond Casino in East Vinewood, “All visitors can drink for free until June 9th.

Other promotions this week include Lucky Wheel’s Överflöd Entity XXR supercar and a series of discounts, including “40% discounts at the Casino Penthouse, luxury apartments, and decorations; 60% discounts in Executive Offices and 50% discounts on all special goods warehouses.

“All the clothes in the Casino shop have also been reduced in price by 50%, and the prices of some high-end cars have also been reduced, namely Imponte Ruiner 2000, Pegassi Tempesta, Vapid FMJ, Pegassi Osiris, Pegassi Reaper, and finally Karin Kuruma.

In a game-turning eight this year, keeping things fresh can be a challenge – some GTA Online players have been fun, like skilled airplane stunts in Los Santos.

But for less experienced pilots, Rockstar has done a lot to give players a reason to return back to their money printing machine, “Grand Theft Auto Online”.