Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters Just As Tragic As Arthur

Red Dead Redemption 2 Updates: If you’ve played the Red Dead Redemption series, you’re no stranger to deep sad stories. RDR2 ‘s protagonist, Arthur Morgan shares one of the strongest story backgrounds in gaming.

Arthur is compelled to see his father figure be swallowed by his own ego and abandon his gang, while he himself is battling a terminal illness all along. To top all this, the story also bases around the tragic tale of the franchise’s original protagonist, John Marston.

But the side characters of RDR2 have just as sad and tragic stories. To start with, Kieran Duffy has a pretty rough story in the game. When captured by Arthur, he is treated horribly by everyone in the gang except Mary-Beth, almost to the point of torturing.

It was only once he earned his respect and loyalty that he called part of a family by Arthur. But that was short-lived as he is decapitated by the O’Driscolls in order to shake the Van der Lindes.

Another character with his own tragedy is Thomas Downes. He might be known as the person to pass tuberculosis to Arthur, but the poor rancher had his own share of problems. He works hard to support his family and raise money for charity. His financial situation forces him to take a loan from Leopold Strauss which he can’t repay.

This inevitably leads Arthur to come to the ranch and beat him to collect the money. The death of Downes is heartbreaking for a lot of reasons, but the most compelling is how good of a man he seems to be.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Sadie Adler: The Most Tragic Of All


Sadie Adler was introduced in the story as her husband was killed by the O’Driscolls who invaded her home. Scared by the experience, she is taken in by the Van der Lindes, but it still isn’t comfortable for her.

She finds it hard to be a part of the gang for a long time, and when she does, they start losing people. It’s sad that Adler has to face loss every time she finds a hint of a connection.

As time goes, they end up losing the entire gang itself. It’s true that her story ends on a higher note than most other RDR2 characters. But it’s arguable that the journey of losses and heartbreaks she faces is quite brutal.

All these stories show what a brilliant story RDR2 possesses. The game focuses on Arthur, but the people in the shadows are also deep and well-sought characters. The more one digs in, the more one gets a taste of how much these characters are going through.

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