Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Countdown Reveals Map Locations

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Updates: PlayStation is running a countdown of the hours until today’s State of Play featuring Horizon Forbidden West by showing off the location and maps of the game.

Sony is showing off some stunning stills and images of Horizon Forbidden West’s worlds hours before its State of Play presentation which will heavily feature this anticipated title.

The images are cycling as a part of the official countdown to the event, which will begin at 2 pm Pacific. Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon Forbidden West is the follow-up to the previous studio hit 2017 game Horizon Zero Dawn.

This sudden announcement by PlayStation was only made two days ago after announcing the State of Play show, which will feature a 14 – minute long first look at the sequel’s gameplay.

The entire event is set for a period of 20 minutes out of which Forbidden West Gameplay reveal will have the majority of attention. This comes as exciting news for the fans who were starting to think with no official announcement and information on the game Horizon Forbidden West may have been pushed and delayed out of 2021.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Horizon Forbidden West

The PlayStation – centric event will start in the afternoon and will be live on PlayStation’s Youtube channel, they have initiated an early kick-off to a countdown and instead of the boring countdown, it looks like the PlayStation channel has opted for fans to get excited by showing off some of Horizon Forbidden West’s landscapes.

The images seem to depict areas in the game as seen by a security camera, there are glimpses of the world show off the game’s wide array of the biome.

There are other views that soar above the clouds just beside a crumbling tower, with a different camera looking out towards a dry desert. Well, the images do not necessarily show the inhabitant which could be robotic or others, so fans will have to stick to the show to get more information on these developments.

The trailer’s initial reveal gave us a good look at different wild areas Aloy might be able to explore. The countdown with some new looks at the world does look cool and fun. And it seems that the images will make rounds on the countdown as the event edges closer, so fans will time to scan for some hidden details.