GTA Online Adds New Stunt Races That Pay Triple Money & RP

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: Rockstar Games will be adding eight new Stunt Races, which will task players to navigate unique tracks at high speed, to GTA Online.

The infamous Rockstar Games will be adding eight new Stunt Races, which will fruit the players with valuable rewards, to Grand Theft Auto Online. The multiplayer open-world crime title was released back in 2013 alongside the single-player title Grand Theft Auto V. Now after more than seven years, Rockstar continues to support GTA Online in form of new updates and events from time to time.

GTA Online, offers players a variety of content, allowing the players on the game to spend their time in a number of events and plots which range from, shootouts, heists, and races. And sure many players do enjoy the mayhem and chaos using the game’s collection of vehicles.

Mobile Operations Missions, being of which requires players to use weaponized vehicles, and take advantage of the game’s insane driving mechanics. These missions involve the use of a Mobile Command Centre, a decked-out trailer that allows players to work on vehicles and weapons in a safe area.

GTA Online Trailer

GTA Online

To add more onus to the GTA Online gameplay, one of the players recently posted a two–minute long stunt that was performed in one of GTA Online’s physics-defying jets which do add to games diversity and longevity in play styles.

With the addition of eight new stunt races to GTA Online, these races will grant special rewards for one week. Each of the stunts requires a certain class of vehicle, ranging from sports cars to motorcycles, between May 27 and June 2, completing any of the new Stunt Races will reward players with a $100,000 bonus and a cosmetic Canis American Legends T-shirt.

Like any other online game, GTA Online does have a fair share of its own community of hackers and cheaters who seek to exploit the game and fellow players.

However, Paragon the most popular GTA Online cheat software was shut down after it was compromised. It was announced that the compromise made continued operations of the software too risky for the creators. The shutdown of Paragon will have a major effect on GTA Online’s population of cheaters.

But over the years has managed to retain its large and loyal players base through the frequent release of new and fresh content. Players always have something to look forward to in the game, be it new missions or the extra rewards for competing in older content.

The addition of the new stunt races and their limited-time rewards will surely attract players who love making the most of the game’s variety of vehicles.