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GTA Online Update Lets Players Rob The Lost MC, Adds New Cars, & More

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: The GTA online update allows players to steal lost MCs, add new cars and Android; more
The August 12th GTA online update brought a lot of new content, including the task of robbing the lost MC of the GTA IV motorcyclist gang. The latest patch of Grand Theft Auto Online brings a new and more exotic heist mission.

Cars, unlockable items, etc., as well as the usual limited-time offers and bonuses. This is another set of content added to the game this summer. This is the season defined by the GTA online mode Los Santos tuner update. Rockstars GTA Online is a multiplayer game in Grand Theft Auto V that appears in.

In the same fictional city of Los Santos, there are many characters in one story.GTA Online players can not only customize their avatars but also participate in various PvP and PvE promotions.

For some time now, Rockstar has continued to release weekly updates for multiplayer games, often including the sale of new cars. A current example is Pfister Comet S2 in GTA online mode, which was added after the main extension Los Santos Tuners.

With Thursday’s update, this huge online game has gained a wider range of content. Rockstar Games’ breakdown describes these new features, including new supercars. There is a very little description of this new mission, but gangs are mentioned. Because of the money and resources, he earned in the drug business, he sits in an “important account”.

 GTA Online Weekly Update For August 12

GTA Online

• New car: Emperor Vectre
• New contract: The contract is lost.

• Run with a prize: Futo GTX

• Podium Vehicle: Lampadati Michelli GT
• Double GTA$ and RP for playing Pursuit Races
• 30% off Mammoth Squaddie
• 30% off RO-86 Alkonost
• 30% off Lampadati Tigon
• 40% off Grotti Itali GTO
• 40% off Vapid Ellie
• 50% off Offices

In the past, Grand Theft Auto Online has added a lot of motorcycle-related content, so many people may be ready for an impressive gang of motorcyclists. The contract includes an organization that has long been an integral part of Grand Theft Auto.

The series will certainly attract fans because the memorable GTA IV expansion is actually played by a member of The Lost.

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• Grand Theft Auto Online is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

• Source: Rockstar Games