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GTA Online Player Fills Garage With Cars From Vice City

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: During a somewhat nostalgic journey, a GTA online player managed to assemble a garage full of GTA: Vice City vehicles. With the latest update of the Los Santos tuner, many GTA online players have returned to the virtual world to view and display new cars in inventory.

Many players’ garages are filled with bright, fast, and expensive cars as they are preparing for games and competitions. The Los Santos Tuner update rejuvenated most parts of the community and added new missions, activities, and locations to the virtual city of San Andreas.

With the theme of street racing, this update adds a new racing contract and a new car shop, where players can display, customize and display their cars-all of this takes place in the new location of GTA online mode, LS Car Meet. Although visiting LS Car Meet will cost players a lot of money, the new content added with the Los Santos Tuner update is obviously welcomed by the community, especially fans.

GTA Online Cars

GTA Online

One of the GTA online players, Redditor named Linc_14, displayed his unique collection of cars in his garage, but Linc_14 did not buy the brightest and most expensive cars but based on the previous grand collection.

Name theft. All the cars displayed in his garage are from the 2002 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game. Although this is only a small collection of ten cars, it represents all the sin city vehicles that appear in GTA Online.

The narrator identified ten cars: Deluxe, Sentinel classic, Hermes, Blista compact, Infernus classic, Phoenix, Comet retro, Sabre, Cheetah classic, and Voodoo. Many other long-term players remember the characters in Vice City, who are known for their connections with cars, such as Tommy Versetti and Lance Vance.

In particular, several players mentioned that Infernus is white, just like Lance Vance’s unique Infernus in Vice. city.
Although this series is small, it is likely to surpass many other series at the LS auto show, but for the long-term fans of the series, the nostalgia factor is undoubtedly strong. Even the accumulation of this collection is impressive. After all, Linc_14 has successfully impressed many GTA online players and brought them back to the past.