GTA Online Reveals Summer Update Details

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GTA Online Updates: Rockstar Games has revealed new updates that are expected soon to GTA Online. It all kicks off on 27th of May, when the eight new Stunt Races will be added to the GTA Online Stunt Series.

Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg as the summer update will see a car culture get a significant amount of focus. A new underground meet area will be coming soon, giving players a new location to test out different vehicles.

There will also been new stolen vehicles, new race types, and multi – part robbery missions. In a recent blog post, Rockstar has teased that “ A precisely modified gateway vehicle will be your best weapon” for those particular missions.

There’s more to the game after the update to come, Seven new arenas are being added to game’s Deadline mode. Last but not least, Survival mode will also see all – new maps. Rockstar’s announcement was made public via their twitter handle.

GTA Online Summer Update

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Unfortunately, Rockstar has not revealed any specific details on the release dates for the brand new summer update along with new Stunt Races.

May 27th is edging ever so close and hopefully the game developers and company release more information about everything else once the updates are rolled out.

There were more updates and news which came alongside the post in particular about the next – gen versions of the Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online.

Fans who have been eagerly waiting on for more enhanced version on the PS5 and Xbox Series XIS will be happy to know that the update will arrive on November the 11th.

That’s a long way for the date, but it seems that GTA Online players will have a few things to keep them busy in the meantime with the new Survival mode that will expand to new locations throughout the Los Santos and Blaine County, which will be something fresh for the fans to look forward to alongside waiting on the major enhancement on their gaming platforms such as PS5, Xbox and PC.