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Starfield Rumored To Release in Spring 2022

Starfield Release Date

Starfield Release Date: Bethesda’s enchanting new IP, Starfield is set to release soon, probably by April of next year. This was not always the case , as earlier the game was aiming for late 2021 release. The plans are said to be changed due to the pandemic or maybe Microsoft’s 2021 Halo Infinite release.

Moreover, Starfield is set to be exclusive for Xbox/PC. This is not surprising as Xbox recently acquired Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax. Things are about to change as Bethesda and Xbox discuss its future as a first-party team. Nothing much is known about the game other than its name and being a sci-fi RPG. It is also set to be based heavily on Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

Starfield Release Date

Release dates are never for certain, but some assurance can be taken as GameBeat reporter Jeff Grub confirmed it. He recently tweeted that Blessing Adeoye Jr. of Kinda Funny was correct about his 2022 release prediction of Starfield.

Starfield Long In The Making

Starfield Release Date

Developers at Bethesda have been working on Starfield since the early 2010s and it was slated to release this fall. Despite such a long making period, almost nothing is known about the game. Since it’s a deal with Xbox, Microsoft, the release date has been pushed to avoid any conflicts with Halo Infinite. The brands are ensuring that the audience for these two games doesn’t get conflicted over them.

Although the information has been scarce about the title, there has been no dearth of Starfield leaks. The leaks too though, aren’t much informative. The only thing to confirm from them is the curiosity and interest of the fans in the upcoming release. What’s also interesting is how the release of Elder Scrolls 6 might be affected by this, since Bethesda is set to work on this title next.

But speculations remain speculations as it’s impossible to be sure what might happen in the future for the gaming world.

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