How Resident Evil Village Explains Its Monsters

Resident Evil Village Updates: The creatures from the Resident Evil Village at first appear to be supernatural in nature, but in the true essence of series, they are the scientific experimentation gone wrong.

Resident Evil Village often features the highlight of the series creatures which are unique for the series itself, the vampires and werewolves are included as the featured creatures. These monsters and creatures at first were thought to be supernatural in nature. But in true series fashion, they have their roots to a scientific experiment.

Throughout the game, players do uncover information about the monsters they confront through notes and documents. While these minute details can be missed out easily, but they do offer fascinating elements.

From Lycans to Hesienberg, here are some of the insights and explanation to the back stories for Resident Evil Village creatures.

The Lycans are the most common monster in the game, often they attack in large groups. The beasts are covered with fur, sharp teeth and tremendous strength to follow.

The wolf – like creatures do have some level of intelligence as they are able to use tools and to communicate with each other via howls. They are the result of Cadou parasite created by Mother Miranda. The Lycans are zombie – type enemy of the game and most often they are in abundant due to parasite which can easily reject its host.

Resident Evil Village Monsters

Vampires of the Village have become one of the fan favourite icon. Lady Dimitrescu is an example of the Cadou parasite which embraces its host. Alicina Dimitescu was given her powers by Mother Miranda, enabling her with retractable claws and near mortality.

Resident Evil village's castle  Details

Dimitescu needs human blood in order to survive and maintain herself. Her three vampire daughters were created from the Cadou parasite eggs. They possess the ability to deconstruct themselves when needed but they are vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures, thus limited their mobility to castles.

Donna Benevieto’s Dolls was discovered by Miranda when she was locked and left alone by her father, Miranda then worked on her with the Cadou to grant her special abilities, one of which she always wanted to talk back.

The Cadou infection gives Donna the ability to control her dolls. In addition she is able to induce hallucinations using pheromones by infected plants. However her current existence is mentally ill due to her mutations.

Heisenberg & Monsters – Karl Heisenberg is only of Mother Miranda’s lieutenants that seeks rebellion. He has grudge against Miranda due to her selfish motive to resurrect her daughter.

He is the owner of Heisenberg Factory, he spends most of his time experimenting on human corpses in order to create mechanically creatures under his control. He has electronic organs which allow him to control magnetic fields, Heisenberg is the most powerful of the game’s four lords.

Mother Miranda is the spiritual leader of the village, worshiped and served by her four lieutenants. Miranda lost her daughter to the Spanish Flu after the loss of her daughter she was inconsolable.

Miranda set out ways to find out a way to revive her dead daughter using the parasites, which in turn influenced Oswald Spencer to begin his research with Umbrella.

Miranda possesses ability to shape shift, transform herself in flock of birds and even into other person, Miranda is so powerful that even Heisenberg think twice before taking his chances against her.