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Resident Evil Village Sells 3 Million Copies In 4 Days

Resident Evil Village Updates: It has been less than a week since the long-awaited game the Resident Evil Village got released. And it is already trending in the market.

With selling 3 million units in just 4 days, it is one of the biggest successes of the franchise. Gaining attention to the soft-reboot in Resident Evil 7 and the recent remakes of older titles, the anticipation among fans increased to a lot extent for this release.

After the previous criticized games like Resident Evil 6, the franchise has surely returned with a great transformation. The comeback with the Resident Evil Village has been showered with praises from the critics.

They are indeed impressed with the eighth mainline entry in the series. It has brought some new perspective to this installment by bringing in a new layer of horror. It has shifted beyond those typical zombie actions to witches, werewolves, and vampires.

This has attracted a whole new audience for this series who were not accustomed to the previous releases. And it has also impressed the old fans by bringing this new orientation of the franchise as a whole.

 Lady Dimitrescu Has Given Momentum To The Resident Evil Village!

Resident Evil village's castle  Details

The video game company Capcom revealed that 3 million copies were shipped in just 4 days across its various platforms. This led to reaching a total of over 100 million for the entire series.

Even though the actual figure of the total sold is yet not clear, the demand is certainly high. With $60 per copy, it is estimated Resident Evil Village has already made a whopping $180 million. Whereas Resident Evil 7,  launched in 2017, has shipped 8.5 million units as of December 2020.

The game brought entry of the character of Lady Dimitrescu which promoted the game to a great extent. Even Domino’s Pizza started using her to market their pizzas. The nature of the tall, flirty vampire lady attracted many for which the game too got viral and gained its market.

Most likely dropping the number from the title and naming it Resident Evil Village instead of Resident Evil 8 also helped out. Newcomers will not have to play to catch up on seven other games which are mostly insignificant to the current title.

Rumors suggest this game is the middle chapter of a trilogy and Resident Evil 9 has been in development for some time now. However, Capcom has not yet made any official announcements regarding a sequel.