Resident Evil Village: Mercenaries Mode Final Preview

Resident Evil Village Updates: Resident Evil Village is a perfect balance to test your shooting skills and combat skills. If there had been a situation to start a zombie elimination business, the employees for the job must have to play Resident Evil Village and clear the test. It also simultaneously functions as a great personality test.

IGN is exclusive with The Mercenaries at Capcom’s offices in Osaka, Japan. The first stage is the model stage which consists of multiple areas.

Genre: Survival/Horror/Third-person shooter

Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4

Director: Shinji Mikami

Country of origin: United States

Language: English


Resident Evil village's castle  Details

Time is the key. The plan is always to eliminate as many as enemies you can in every stage before the time runs out. After eliminating a certain number of enemies you reach your goal which is an advance to take you to the next arena.

The point of the game is to make your score sore high by completing your kills in the minimum amount of time. The main game location is a village. The first area is pretty much straightforward, the second area you will find enemies on rooftops, on the walls. There is also a weapon room to prepare before heading to a new area.

The room offers you some weapon offerings, you need to interact with the duke to buy weapons, ammo, first-aid, med, etc. Similar to the main game, this game also allows the players to upgrade themselves. In Resident Evil 4, you can increase the weapon’s power, rate of fire, reload speed, ammo capacity.

Resident Evil Village Multiple Weapons to the Rescue

The option to multiple weapons allows the player to sustain in the long run. The layout of the play and the enemy types is a great way to assess and decide how to prepare for the game.

Understanding your personal preferences is a great way to succeed. Try and find what suits you the best and shoot! If you’re good with a shotgun, you can use all your resources to upgrade just the shotgun. You can call your guns and fill your lobby with whatever suits you.