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Fall Guys Updates: Journalist Jason Schreir teased on Twitter that God of War: Ragnarok will not likely make its planned release window of this year.

God of War: Ragnork is suspected to have been delayed, according to the reputable journalist Jason Schrier. The former Kotaku turned Bloomberg reporter took to his Twitter account to suggest the God of War: Ragnarok was delayed months ago, and the setback will likely affected the palnned release for the game, this is yet to be confirmed by the official announcement by the developer but it’s is expected it will be made official later this year.

God of War: Ragnarok was officially announced last year prior to the launch of PS5 with a 2021 release window. Fans were doubtful as the game didn’t even have a title, game play or any other details.

With halfway through the year 2021 fans are still in doubts for the release of the game and much to their disappointment it’s all but confirmed at last that the game won’t make its intital release window.

Fall Guys Crossplay

Fall Guys Season 4

John Schreier suggested on Twitter that Horizon: Forbidden West will hits it’s 2021 release but God of War: Ragnarok will be delayed. Schreier went on responding to one of the user claiming that the game had already been delayed months ago and Sony are planning to make it official soon and when is it likely to hit its release.

There’s no clarity from the side of Sony of what the year 2022 and beyond looks for PS5, but it looks like it be an eventful summer for the company.

While, the release has been pushed it was also rumoured that God of War: Ragnarok is also looking for PC release, but Sony seems to putting a hold on its plan until there’s a larger market push for the sequel, there have been no announcement on first – party lines ups from Sony and beyond God of War: Ragnarok they haven’t announced any other first- party games, it may be an indication they are planning for more title from their studios as well.

There have been no details up until now for the next entry in the series by Sony, but the last game left the fans with a lot of Easter eggs, it was rumoured that Read Dead Redemption 2 actor would play Thor in God of War: Ragnarok but actor has openly denied any claims. There is also no clarity on whether the God of Thunder will be an antagonist or an ally to Kratos and his son.

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