5 Games Like Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the previous name of Mediatonic’s free-to-play online battle royale game. Up to sixty people engage in competitive combat while controlling jellybean-like critters in a range of procedurally selected games to play like contraptions and tags.

As the phases go, players are eliminated, leaving only one to claim victory. In this article you will read about games similar to Fall Guys.

These are the games you must like if you have played Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Season 3 Sunken Secrets was released recently, and have some new task for the players.

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Here Is the List of 5 Games Like Fall Guys


Fall Guys

Just Like Fall Guys in the Oopstacles you need to Cleart the path, while competing with the other players.  In the skill and strategy game Oopstacles, the player must navigate a variety of barriers in order to accomplish their objective. The player is given a board with three rows, each filled with a unique assortment of obstacles.

The lowest two rows each have metal tiles, while the top row is made up of wooden tiles.  The player starts by randomly selecting one tile from any row and placing all this on the row’s first square, which serves as their reference point.

Once all four tiles have been placed at random on squares within reach, the player may move left along the path that leads away from their starting point, placing another tile at random into any unoccupied square on this path (again, one square diagonally adjacent).

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a game about being in the gang, but it’s also about being a part of something bigger than yourself. In addition to learning how to interact with individuals who are different from you, the game is about you and your pals cooperating together to defeat other gangs.

There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with what you’re doing, even though you should be able to trust your friends. Gang Beasts is not the activity for you if you don’t have buddies who are willing to pursue that kind of conversation.

Fall Beans

Fall Guys

Fall Beans is an online children’s game that can be played on any tablet or smartphone, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and certain other Apple and Android devices.

Is Fall Beans, without a doubt, the most popular game throughout the year? It has a lot of game components. Nearly every player enjoys it a lot. You have to compete on a really difficult platform.

Fall Dudes 3D

Fall Guys

Fall dudes3D is a game that has been developed by the team at PepUp Studios, and it is intended for use in schools and by organizations.

This game is a simple strategy game that involves falling three-dimensional characters called “dudes” from one side of the screen to another by making them fall through holes in the ground.

As these dudes fall through the holes, they collect resources and use them to build structures for their own benefit.

Human Fall flat

Human Fall flat
Pocket Gamer

The game is called “Fall Flat” and its goal is to keep you from dying. You fall from a great height, but the goal is not to get killed. The “Flappy Bird” creators created the game, and it’s promising to be entertaining! You will adore this game.

Only experiencing it in virtual reality is preferable to tumbling down a wall and collapsing on a pile of leaves. With the trees and the sun directly overhead, it feels as though you are actually there.

You can also calm your mind and pretend the sky isn’t there if you get bored of staring at it. Without having to construct one yourself, it’s like it is in a tree home.